Postcards from the web

Postcards from the web

I've been planning on starting a travel blog for ages, inspired by many of my travel-blogging friends, and now even my travel-blogging Mum!  I probably should have started one 20 years ago (did people blog back then?) when we did a lot more travelling, but it has been one of those things that I never quite got around to.

One thing I did used to be really good at was writing postcards. For years on all our trips, we would devotedly buy, write and post up to 20 postcards to family and friends from wherever we were in the world. The fact that we would usually arrive home before the postcards didn't matter.  Seeing them pinned up on fridges, or tucked on the mantle-piece made it worth while.  People loved receiving them.  That all changed in 2001 though – after slaving away writing >20 postcards when travelling in China, we entrusted them to a hotel receptionist along with a large amount of Yuan to cover postage, and were assured they would be posted.  Not one arrived.  Whether the postal service in China is very slow, or we were simply diddled, we vowed never to waste precious holiday time again.

So, that was the end of our postcard writing marathons. Plus it is so much easier to stay in touch now anyway – why wait for a postcard to arrive home when you can tweet, facebook or instagram, delivering instant updates to friends and family at home?

So here goes, my first travel blog… (which probably only my Mam will read!)

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